Thursday, 28 June 2012


Android Malware
Stefan Tanase , Senior security researcher, Kaspersky global research and analysis team said: “Android market incidents are rising fast – there are a lot of incidents, sometimes due to malware that gets through security checks, and is then often available for several days.”

Tanase claimed that the volume of attacks is rocketing: “In the years 2004-2010 there were 1160 virus samples discovered in total. Then in December 2011 alone we saw 2137 samples, and we have seen 13,870 samples in 2012 alone – it’s an exponential explosion in compromise attempts.”

Although Android suffers the most attacks, iOS is still under threat from vulnerabilities, as demonstrated by, which used a vulnerability to gain root access. Although benign, the same technology could easily be used to compromise devices and steal data, warned Tanase. -T3

An InfoGraph By Kaspersky Lab to show the Rising threat of Android Malware:


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