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Global Business ICT Risks - Avoid the prey of Malicious Attacks !!

Global Business ICT Risks
Maximum businesses faces the risks of hard drive corruptions and failures, and also human errors in way of sudden careless deletion or loss through external storage-devices.
That's why they adopt onsite office networks.

But one threat they tend to ignore is  CYBER ATTACKS.

Which if happens can cause a huge loss to the business.

If we go on through some internet searches about cyber attacks on businesses we can  see about several incidents of Cyber Crime in recent days.Many companies are suffering with billions of pounds in losses due to Cyber Attacks.

According to a recent survey, it certainly isn’t one to be ignored or overlooked. The survey questioned six thousand senior IT workers from a range of industries on past experiences with data loss tragedies, what they implemented as a way of dealing with these issues, and what threats they were afraid of the most.

Amongst the results, it was found that twenty one percent of people said that they thought the largest threat to their companies within the next couple of months would be a cyber attack. It also revealed that fifty three percent thought that the personal data inside their companies, like private customer information, was at the top of the cyber attacker’s steal list.

It could be said that one of the main reasons for higher levels of security breaches is because of the higher numbers of staff accessing company networks both within and outside of the office. In fact, over forty two percent of us are doing it more than we were three years ago.

Recently, The British intelligence agency MI5 has found one major London-listed company estimated it had lost £800m in revenue as a result of a hostile Cyber attack.

MI5 said businesses are victims of  cyberattacks by state-sponsored cyber-espionage and cyber crime.

MI5 boss Jonathan Evans has warned that companies in the UK are fending off an 'astonishing' level of cyber-attacks.

Businesses in Britain are under sustained attack from governments and gangs bent on intellectual-property theft and other cybercrime, with one company suffering millions of pounds in losses.    
Source: ZDNet UK

A great way of solving this problem is by ditching conventional data storage systems such as office networks and setting up modern alternatives in their place like highly secured online backups.

Secured online PC backups can be used to store company data offsite, protecting it under the wing of government grade encryption.

 It can store all of a company’s data (which is automatically backuped daily), this means that a company only needs to store only a very little of un-confidential files on their office desktops.

The strategy is to be like if a hacker gains entrance to their machines, then they wouldn't have anything useful to find.

Before purchasing any online backup softwares companies should try with some free online back up tools to test how it can help their businesses by protecting against Data breaches and Cyber Attacks.

I as a security researcher and blogger suggests to try a free online backup software first like My PC Backup which I have used for my company and found  beneficial as it is simple to use,safe,secured and gives unlimited backups.

Online Backup


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